An Alternative To Scarcity Marketing

‘Launch fortnight’ – those magical two weeks of success – was a high-energy whirlwind.

I had a ball.

Doing something I loved, getting paid for it, being amazed and grateful that people liked my work enough to sign up.

It was an unforgettable experience.

The doors closed, and the founder members and I embarked on our journey.

My plan was to re-open for a new wave of members every three months.  There was a logistical reason for this: settling in new members can be time consuming, so not something I wanted to do all the time.

But as I got into ‘launch mode’ and found my attention and time swallowed up by needing a ‘strategy’ and a sequence and I found myself using un-me words like ‘leverage’, I started to question my motives.

Embarrassing confession alert:

I realised that I didn’t just like the big sum of money – I liked the attention.  I wanted to hit six figures – not just because I wanted the security but because this time I wanted to be able to say I’d had a six-figure launch.

After I’d stopped cringing I started thinking.

I asked around.  If I managed the logistics so that new members could settle in easily, then could I just keep the doors open and run this as an evergreen programme?

Was there a reason not to do this that I was missing?

The only objection I heard was this – launching for a limited enrolment creates scarcity.  If your programme isn’t available all the time, then people will jump on it when it is available.

You tap into their fear of missing out.  You can use the launch period to really hype up what you’re doing, and basically work them into a frenzy, so that when you send out that final ‘doors are closing’ message, you get a lot of sales.

Now, before I go on, this is important – I’m not judging or criticising anyone who does that!

Hey, it worked for me during the summer and my husband was able to quit his job.

If it makes sense for me to do that with a future product, I’ll do it!

There are a million different ways and all sorts of practical, logistical and personal reasons for doing things however it works best for us as individuals.

I’m just puzzling my way through and finding what feels good for me, right now, with this particular product.



Not a word – or a state of being – with a great energy.

I had two choices – I could go the scarcity route, amp up the hype, encourage people to jump in now or they’d have to wait until next year, and probably get a higher number of sales.

Or I could follow my heart and do something different.

My ego loved the idea of an even bigger launch, that I could ‘leverage’ as proof of my success.

My heart felt differently.

I did a lot of thinking.

Then I remembered, I’m a kinesiologist, I can figure this out.

So I did some muscle-testing.

And what I found, I think, was beautiful.

I asked: “What is the energy of running this programme evergreen?”

And the answer was one word:



I grinned my face off when I saw it.

An alternative to the scarcity model.

My decision was made.

Evergreen we are.

I explained to the group: I want to focus on my work, on the mission, on the big picture, on creating content, on setting up corrections, on developing my ideas.

So The Prosperity Prescription is officially open until next August.  (I started it as a year-long mission, so at that point we’ll do something… I’m just not sure what yet.)

The intention is set for the perfect people to join us at the perfect time.

I guess you might be wondering about the numbers?

I’ve still hit five figures.

If I’d also followed my heart when it came to creating my sales page, I’d probably have attracted even more new members.

(I shared my Sales Shame here.)

I’m interested to see where else Purity will show up as a guide for my business and marketing.

The December theme for The Prosperity Prescription was ‘Being Comfortable With Success’.

I thought it would be about releasing your fears, putting yourself out there, being judged and attracting haters, that sort of thing.

It turns out that it’s also about being comfortable with how you achieve success.

Trusting your instincts and doing what feels good and having faith that it will all work out perfectly.

Because it will.

I promise.

Have a beautiful day.

Lots of love

Michelle xxx
The Energy Editor