Why Adding Value Isn’t Working For You

Do you keep hearing the phrase ‘add value’?

Want more clients and customers?

Add value.

Want more names on your mailing list?

Add value.

So you’re doing that.  But it isn’t working, not in the way you hoped.

Want to know why?


Firstly, shall we drop the expression ‘adding value’ and get back to basics?

It means giving.

Giving people something that they need or want, that will help or serve them in some way.

The premise being that you give something, you show your skills, you attract your ideal customers and further down the line they buy from you.

Let’s be honest.

This ‘premise’ is a strategy.

For giving.

Therefore, this is a gift with strings attached.

Have you ever had a date where dinner comes with certain ‘expectations’?

Adding value has the potential to be the marketing equivalent.

So why does it work so well for some people and not for others?

Marie Forleo is a perfect example of successfully ‘adding value’.

Marie gives Marie TV away for free all year round.

She’s built a big following.

Then once a year she opens up B-School and makes a shitload of cash.

She’s adding value and it leads to a sale.  It’s a strategy right?

Kind of.

There are three important things to note here.

  1. Marie LOVES giving Marie TV.
  2. Marie doesn’t give you the gift of an episode and expect any return.
  3. Marie gives in a way that feels good to her.

Looking from the outside at Marie, and other people who add value and make a lot of money, it’s easy to see why this has been touted as a ‘strategy’.

So if adding value isn’t working for you, these might be clues as to why:

  1. You don’t LOVE giving what you’re giving.
  2. You’re giving with expectations.
  3. You’re giving in a way that doesn’t feel good to you.

How do I know this?

Why, it must be time to cringe and confess…

The back-story:  Summer 2014… Erased my invisible money limit using an energy editing technique I’d developed – and inadvertently turned myself into a money magnet.  Did the same for a lot of other people.  Opened a group programme.  Made $45,267 in the two weeks of the launch.

After that, I was asked to speak as a ‘launch expert’.

And to be honest, I’m not a launch expert.

Adding value inevitably came up in the conversation and when I thought about it, one of the keys to my success was this:

I gave.

A lot.

Every minute of time and every piece of work was from my heart.

I was thrilled to have people interested in my work.

I was honoured and humbled that anyone was enjoying it.

I was excited at the amazing results that people were getting after just a taste of what I can do.

And I had fun, every single day.  I was grateful, joyful and generous.

And I made a shitload of money.

But during the summer, it wasn’t a strategy.

It was just me, doing what I do.

Giving from my heart and being thrilled and honoured that anyone was interested.

So when I came to re-launch in November, that’s what I set out to recreate.

I still loved the giving part.

I love hosting massive exciting energy-block-erasing parties, helping loads of people and am always amazed at – and humbled by – the interest in my work.

I also know how to manage the process so I give in a way that feels good for me.

So why were sales slower?

I’ve talked about the pain-point focused marketing copy I used here.  I’ve also discussed why I decided not to use scarcity tactics here.

But something else was going on.

I was only ticking two out of the three boxes.

When I got honest with myself, I found that I was expecting some sort of return.

Not in an obvious way, aimed at any particular individual.

But a general expectation that some of the recipients would sign up for my programme.

I had to admit – I had expected ‘conversions’ (shudder).

It didn’t feel good.

And I realised – when we give with any expectation attached, it isn’t really a gift.

Because when we think of ‘adding value’ as a means to an end, as part of a sales process, then who are we really adding the value to?

It might be taught as a ‘strategy’ but I guarantee that the people you see using the ‘adding value’ idea successfully are ticking all three boxes.

If you’re adding value but not rocking your business, where might you be missing the mark?

1. Do you truly LOVE giving whatever it is that you’re giving?

2. Are you expecting a return on your gift?

3. Does the way that you’re giving feel good to you?

There are a million and one ways to ‘add value’ or to ‘be of service’ or to just ‘give stuff away’.

Find a way that you LOVE.

Give without expectation.

Do it in a way that feels good to you.

If you do those three things, genuinely from your heart, the results will be remarkable.

Lots of love

Michelle xxx
The Energy Editor