Comparisonitus – An Entrepreneurial Disease

I felt it.

One of the diseases that troubles the online entrepreneur.


I’d been doing so well – taking my standard two weeks off for Christmas, entering my bubble of family, food and festive fun, and only poking my head out to check on my online family in The Prosperity Prescription.

To be honest, I just assumed that everyone else was doing the same.

On New Years Day, I made a terrible error.

I went on Facebook and looked in the BSchool forums.  People were working.

Actually properly working.  Selling.  Making money.


Why wasn’t I emailing, selling, doing stuff??

I had failed.

Failed as an entrepreneur.

Failed as a wife and mother.

Failed as a human.

(Comparisonitus symptoms include self-loathing and terrible melodrama.)

And then I remembered.

I had chosen to take two weeks off.

I had made a choice that felt right for me, and right for my family.

Other people had made other choices that were right for them.

I scrambled back into my festive bubble and vowed that I’d leave comparisonitus in 2014.

New Year, New You?

Screw that.

The old you is more than good enough.

I’m all about fast transformation and progression.

But you don’t have to shed your skin and beat yourself up to do it.

The most powerful change can also be the most gentle and loving.

It comes from accepting how things are and recognising the truths that lie within.

My best advice for curing comparisonitus – a healthy dose of Self Love.

Because the best start to 2015 is to recognise once and for all just how brilliantly wonderful you are.

Just as you are.

It will cure all sorts of entrepreneurial ills.

And replace them with fantastic things like being able to focus on your own life and business without being triggered by what other people are doing.

I’d love to show you just how beautiful you are, inside and out, because I know that it’s your time to shine.*

I truly wish you a fantastic 2015, I can’t wait to see you soar!

Lots of love

Michelle xxx
The Energy Editor
*That’s not marketing talk, that’s an actual fact.