3 Signs That You’re In – Or Near – Your Zone Of Genius.

The zone of genius. 

What is it?

It basically means that you’re doing that thing that you do better than anybody. 

You’ve found your purpose.

Aligned it with your passion, combined it with your Big Why…

…mixed in your unique skills, and rolled it up into one amazing thing that you just LOVE to do –

 And that people are happy to pay you well to do it.

The ZoG is that tiny niche where you operate at your peak.

You’re so shit-hot at it, that you’re lightening streaks ahead.

You’re constantly innovating and moving forward, and you have so many creative ideas you literally don’t know what to do with them.

When you work in your zone of genius, it feels brilliant. 

But as you’re approaching it, you might start to doubt yourself. 

You might question whether this is the exact thing for you.

You might look around at what others are doing and panic that you’ve got it wrong.

Maybe you halt or change direction, or worse, start imitating someone else.

So, here are three handy signs that you’re in – or approaching – your zone of genius.

These are indications that you’re on the right path, to inspire you to keep going and hold the faith that it will all work out perfectly…

  1. When asked the reason for your journey, you’re not sure whether to say Business or Pleasure.
  1. Your company expenses include books that you’d buy anyway.
  1. You can’t stop doing what you do.

Ok, maybe if you’re just starting out in business, you’re not doing a huge amount of travel.   

But that conference or event for your industry, full of like-minded people – would you have gone – and had an amazing time – even if it wasn’t linked to your business? 


Then you’re hitting that sweet spot where you get to do cool shit that you really love, and it’s part of your ‘job’. 

Similarly, number 2.  

Do the books you read for research, business development and widening your knowledge also get you fired up and fascinated? 

Or does reading them feel like a heavy obligation and you can’t wait to switch the TV on?

When you start to pinch yourself because you can’t believe that your business expenses include things that get you really excited, it’s a sure sign that you’re on the right track.

And 3…

You just can’t stop doing what you do.

You find inspiration everywhere. 

You want to help everybody. 

You’re constantly thinking of new ideas. 

You’re happy when you’re working.  You love your clients. 

Hello, Zone of Genius!

Which leads me to my final point, which is perhaps the most important of all.

If you find that you were feeling like this but now you’re not – that’s ok! 

It doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong track.

It may well just mean that you need to do some things differently.

I’m talking boundaries.

If you’re going to operate in your zone of genius, you need boundaries. 

And – essentially – you need other people to know what your boundaries are.

Let me explain…

I’m a kinesiologist.  (The Energy Editor).   

My zone of genius is editing your money story and erasing your money blocks – so that you can claim your zone of genius and attract wealth without limits. 

When I fell upon this path last summer I thought:  ‘That’s it’, I’ve done it, I’ll just keep doing exactly the same things forevermore.’

So it was a real shock when I started to feel frustrated.

I LOVE working one-on-one with clients but scheduling hour-long appointments across time differences drove me crazy. 

Solution – Instead of scheduling a course of sessions, I now run VIP days where we do all of the energy work in one go.

I LOVE having an amazing Facebook group of gorgeous people to do energy work for, but spending hours worrying about all of their problems would give me anxiety.

Solution – I set out very clear boundaries as to the intentions of the programme and what we do and don’t focus on there.

Here’s the key:

Each time you hit upon something that takes the joy out of your work, don’t go into fear and doubt:

‘Oh maybe this isn’t my zone of genius after all, maybe I should do x, y or z instead.’

Instead, find a way to eliminate the problem and bring the joy back – fast.

Don’t allow small bumps to force you off the road – find a way to navigate them.

There is always a way to do what you love, in a way that you love doing it.

So there we have it, three signs you’re in – or near – your zone of genius, and what to do if you feel off-track.

Huge amounts of love to you!

Michelle xxx
The Energy Editor