Two Second Trick For Better Sleep


Do you sleep with your phone in your bedroom?


Maybe it’s right next to your bed?


Is it your alarm clock?


Please, keep reading.


Don’t panic, I’m not going to tell you to stop using your phone.


You know when your phone is connected to Wifi?


It emits a signal to communicate with the Wifi network.


You know when you put your phone near a speaker and it crackles?


It’s giving off a signal to connect to your service provider.


Those signals are waves of energy.


Radio waves.


Radio waves put your body under stress.


The effect is worsened when your body is at rest or sleeping.


Would you sleep next to a tiny microwave cooking food all night?


Then please, tonight and every night from now on, just do this:


Switch your phone to ‘Airplane’ mode.


Or switch it off.


Then move it at least ten feet from your bed.


You’ll fall asleep faster.


Your quality of sleep will be vastly improved.


In the ‘old’ days when I was in private practice I had teenage clients with extreme mood swings, skin problems and fatigue.


Testing their energy ALWAYS indicated ‘mobile phone’ as part of the issue.


Often they were sleeping with their phone under their pillow.


I’ve had adult clients with their own version of the same issue.


Plugged-in culture means that we check social media in bed before sleeping.


We check emails when we wake up.


This can cause over-stimulation of your mind, which makes it hard to relax.


But the stealth-side-effect of this behaviour is that we sleep right next to our phones.


All night that little piece of plastic is spewing negative rays at your energy system.


Your energy system is the blueprint for your mind and body.


So messed up energy has consequences.


Poor sleep is one of them.


Others include left and right confusion, dizziness, low mood, inability to concentrate, foggy-headedness, irritability, tension and headaches.


All of which are also compounded by poor sleep.


Don’t believe me?


Don’t worry, you don’t have to.


Just switch your phone to ‘Airplane’ mode (or off) and put it a few feet away from your bed for the next few nights.


You’ll experience a better quality of sleep.


I’ve shared this tip with various clients and groups and the overwhelmingly positive response prompted me to share this quick info-blog, so please pass it on…


We can all benefit from having more clear-headed, well-rested and cheerful people in the world!


Much love


The Energy Editor