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3 Myths That Stop You Making Money

This time last year I charged about $50 an hour for one-to-one client work. I had a few clients. It was not a great business model. I quit. I studied online business for months. Then I changed my energy around money. And in a crazy spin of events I made over $45,000 in two weeks. […]

Comparisonitus – An Entrepreneurial Disease

I felt it. One of the diseases that troubles the online entrepreneur. Comparisonitus. I’d been doing so well – taking my standard two weeks off for Christmas, entering my bubble of family, food and festive fun, and only poking my head out to check on my online family in The Prosperity Prescription. To be honest, I […]

Why Adding Value Isn’t Working For You

Do you keep hearing the phrase ‘add value’? Want more clients and customers? Add value. Want more names on your mailing list? Add value. So you’re doing that.  But it isn’t working, not in the way you hoped. Want to know why?   Firstly, shall we drop the expression ‘adding value’ and get back to […]

An Alternative To Scarcity Marketing

‘Launch fortnight’ – those magical two weeks of success – was a high-energy whirlwind. I had a ball. Doing something I loved, getting paid for it, being amazed and grateful that people liked my work enough to sign up. It was an unforgettable experience. The doors closed, and the founder members and I embarked on […]

Speaking My Sales Shame

I have a big weight on my shoulders. I feel like I’ve been salesy and sleazy. Tactical. It feels horrible. I’m ashamed. Brene Brown says: “Shame cannot survive being spoken.” I hope she’s right.  So here goes… During the summer, it’s no secret that I experienced massive growth in my business, from $0 – $45,000 in […]

I Went On Strike. At Home.

Pete’s first day as a house-husband. Neither of us could quite believe it. He took the girls to school and came back with a massive grin on his face: “I think it’s sinking in now.” “Ooh why?  Does it feel good?” “It feels incredible. We passed some kids, and one of them said ‘I’ve got […]

My Husband Quit

This summer, I made a LOT of money. People keep asking me how I did it. I have one answer – I identified the subconscious money story that was holding me back, I located it in my energy system, and I erased it. That’s what I do. I’m The Energy Editor. In the past I’ve used my […]

My Money Story

I’ve got a confession to make. In March last year I quit practising kinesiology. After five years of studying, building my practice, and working with beloved clients, I packed away my kit to concentrate on my online business for the last few months of my pregnancy. I had worked through my feelings of guilt around […]