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Fifty Shades of Self Discovery

It’s been an interesting start to the year over here.   In fact, it’s been an ‘interesting’ few months.   Last year, as you might know, I built a pretty genius business model, if I do say so myself.   (Don’t worry, I put the trumpet down rapidly in a minute.)   Training practitioners in […]

On Purpose

I had everything that I thought I was meant to have.   Marriage, kids, house, business, car.   And I cried, every single day.   I felt ungrateful for crying, which made me feel guilty, and that made me cry more.   Nothing I bought, ate, watched or did could numb the immense pain that […]

My $72,000 Secret

Well this is embarrassing. But I have a confession. And an invitation to a celebration. Remember when I launched Prosperity Prescription 2.0 in the summer? I talked about it a LOT. For two weeks, non-stop. And then since then, unless you’re in the programme, you probably haven’t heard anything about it. There’s a reason for […]

Are You Lonely Tonight?

Loneliness.   One of the most destructive forces in our world.   Experiences involving loneliness account for an average of 7% of the damage to the energy system.   Loneliness is not an emotion.   It’s a state of being.   You might feel lonely but the experience of being lonely is far more stressful […]

My First Six-Figure Year

Since my first big launch last summer I’ve made a six-figure income.   Now, let’s be clear:   That’s gross revenue, in dollars.   But regardless of the technicalities, I made a shite-load of money.   Way more than ever before.   So isn’t it interesting –   And kind of embarrassing –   And […]