Fifty Shades of Self Discovery

It’s been an interesting start to the year over here.


In fact, it’s been an ‘interesting’ few months.


Last year, as you might know, I built a pretty genius business model, if I do say so myself.


(Don’t worry, I put the trumpet down rapidly in a minute.)


Training practitioners in Energy Editing.  Writing a bestselling book.  Mentoring some of the practitioners.


Lovely stuff.


I moved my family into our dream home.  I even lost 40lb.


So it was a bit of surprise, after the high of the last training event, where I added nine new Energy Editing Professionals to my awesome team of practitioners; when I felt incredibly low.


Like super-fecking-miserable low.


I did the usual things, checked my gratitude levels, worked on my upper limits, and started mainlining Vitamin D.




Still felt terrible.


Obviously I didn’t tell anyone about it, because I’m a shiny-happy-positive person.


I make a lot of cash, I’m healthy, my family is happy, so I can’t have real problems.


I’m not entitled to have a hard time, and I don’t want to add my negativity to someone else’s vibe, so I’m not going to admit things aren’t going well in my world.


I retreated.


And not in a ‘lovely week of silence in Bali drinking green juice’ way.


In a hide-in-my-office-and-avoid-my-friends-way.


At home one Sunday, having pulled out of a weekend away with my girlfriends, and knowing I needed to get my shit together, I posted in an informal mastermind I have with four smart, sweet entrepreneurs:


“I’m struggling with muggling.  I don’t know what the hell my problem is.  I’ve lost my mojo and she doesn’t seem to want to come back.  And yes this is me asking for help.  Don’t tell anyone.”


The replies were immediate, and they all said brilliant, American things, like “I honour you for reaching out.”


Within 30 minutes I had calls scheduled with them all over the next few days.


The relief was palpable.


And in that relief, something ‘popped’.


A thought:


“I don’t want to do the practitioner training in March.”


My hilarious ego immediately replied: ‘Don’t be a fecking idiot.  You have a whole business built around this idea.  You wrote a book that tells people about what you do.  You’re making a lot of money.  Stop this nonsense immediately.”


And I just laughed.


No wonder I’d struggled to identify the problem.  I definitely was NOT looking at this as an option.  No way, José.   Not a chance, Lance.


If you’ve followed my work for a while, you know I like to crack on with things.


I make agile decisions, and I’m not afraid to pivot.


Within 24 hours, the next training dates had been taken off my website, and I’d told the hotel I wouldn’t need the room.


I had no idea what I was going to do, or if this was a permanent decision.


So I did some muscle testing, cleared some blocks, and got some directions:


There will be another book.


You’ll write it in the new year.


Something will become clear as you start writing, that will change everything.


Until then, you have to practise what you’re going to preach.


Walk what you’re going to talk about.


Do your own work.


Focus purely on your own alignment, and your own self-development.


Smash your own blocks, hunt down the next pieces of old baggage you’re dragging around, and get clear.


So that’s what I’ve been doing.


It’s been Fifty Shades of Self-Discovery at Lowbridge HQ.


Ups.  Downs.  Digging deeper than ever.


Getting to the core of some really old shite that I was still carrying around.


And then January came.


Time to write the book.


A deadline from my publisher.


And finally, the piece of information that changed everything.


I can’t tell you what it is yet, because I’m a great believer in incubating your ideas until they’re ready to hatch.


What I can tell you is that there’s a pivot coming.


A new direction for me, that I definitely couldn’t have predicted and I certainly was not equipped to deal with until now.


And the creation of something, that I think my peeps are going to love.


I believe it’s the one thing that everyone who’s ever been in one of my programmes actually wants, and I can’t wait to share it.


I realise I’m being a MASSIVE tease, I just wanted to update you on what’s been going on inside my skull, and let you know something is coming –very soon!


Now that I’m out of hibernation, I’m finding that I’m not the only one doing some serious self-evaluation.


So if you’re going through it too, here’s what helped me:


1. Confess to someone that you’re struggling – and chose that ‘someone’ wisely.


2. Too much TV does not count as self-care, unless it’s making you laugh.


3. Even if you’re a massive introvert, make sure you’ve not slipped into hermit-mode.


4. Accept that right now you don’t know what’s going to happen.


5. Commit to putting down your old baggage, and getting help if you need it.


I’m sending enormous ((((HUGS)))), and a promise it’s all working out, even when it doesn’t feel that way.


ALL the love,


Michelle xxx


Don’t Save Your Courage For A Crisis

A couple of weeks ago, Pete and I had our first date in over a year.  And when we got home, we had a row.


The following day, we needed to have a conversation.


In many ways, it would have been ‘easier’ to brush it under the carpet, put it down to the fact I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, or that we just didn’t go out often enough, to look for all the good things about our relationship and quickly ‘forgive and forget’, so that we could enjoy the rest of our weekend.


We both knew, that this time, that wasn’t an option.


It was time to have a serious conversation about something that has plagued our relationship, that we’ve never really fully dealt with.


The consequences of not having the conversation were becoming as much of a threat to our happiness as the fear we both had about getting real about the situation.


And there’s one thing I know:


The courage you draw on in times of crisis is always available to you.


We often think of courage as something that activates in a disaster, when we witness an accident and rush to help, or our child has a health emergency and we swing into action.


And it’s true, sometimes courage is an act of bravery in an extreme situation.


Yet much of the time, our opportunities to be courageous are with our words, in our everyday relationships.


To have the conversation we dread.


To say what we really believe.


To give a different opinion than the one commonly held.


To share our deepest thoughts.


To admit to our weaknesses.


Courage, in these times, is most often verbal, emotional, or written.


The pen is mightier than the sword, and it takes equal courage to wield.


When we decide to have a conversation we’re nervous about, we open doors of potential.


When we say what we think, and feel, it changes things.


I’m talking about having real conversations, about things that really matter, with the people who matter to us.


I don’t mean this as a license to be rude or harsh – like those people on reality TV who proudly declare: ‘I’m honest, if you annoy me, I’ll tell you about it.  I tell it like it is and I don’t hold back.’


Er, no.  That’s just an excuse to be a douchebag.  They’re not ‘telling it like it is’ – they’re telling it how they perceive it.


Because that’s all we can ever do.  How we believe the world to be is all based on our individual perception.


Often, people get so caught up in their opinions about things that really don’t matter, that they channel away their feelings about what’s important.


And this is a vicious cycle, because the more we channel our attention away from what matters, the angrier and unhappier we get – which of course gives us plenty more ‘stuff’ to have unimportant negative opinions about.


We don’t need to run around aggressively telling people ‘how it is’.  Life is a never-ending lesson in developing the skills of knowing which are the essential conversations, being brave enough to have them, and practicing our ability to communicate effectively.


There are more than two sides to every story.


There’s no point in arguing with somebody who can only see their side.  If the situation or the person really matters to you, then you can choose to share information and learn that you are both correct (or both wrong).  If the situation or person isn’t important, move on, let it go.


Now here’s something important to look out for:


It can be easier to assign our discomfort with a situation to our perceptions – to decide to do the inner work, blame our mindset for the problem, and avoiding making changes in the external situation, by having a conversation.


In relationships, we think we’re being accepting, and taking responsibility for what ‘we’re creating’ – and of course, those two things are essential.  However, without balance, what we’re really doing is making excuses for a partner’s unacceptable behavior, because we’re afraid of what might happen if we decide to no longer accept the unacceptable.


We might fear physical harm.  We might fear verbal abuse.  And most often, what we fear is being abandoned.


And the truth is, there’s a part of you that cannot be abandoned.


There’s a part of you so strong that it cannot be broken.


You are not just a human body, and a mind.


You are a soul, and on your journey to this moment you’ve experienced many terrible things, throughout many lifetimes, including this one, and yet here you are.






And wanting more.


That is the nature of us.


We want to experience more – happiness, learning, adventure, and most of all – love.


It’s easy to mistake all sorts of things for love: lust, companionship, the fear of being alone.


Love cannot be defined or explained, it can only be felt and experienced.


And deep-down, we know what love is.


We know if our partner truly cares.


We know if they really do want the best for us.


We know if they support and encourage us.


And we know if they have dealt with enough of their own baggage to be able to show with actions what they say with words.


Likewise, we know deep-down if we can say the same about our own attitude to our partner.  Do we really care?  Want the best for them?  Support and encourage them?  Is there a part of us that fears that might happen to our relationship if they follow their dreams?  Have we dealt with enough of our own baggage to show up as truly loving?


I’ve been telling Pete for a long time that I want to be taken out for dinner.  “I want you to make plans, and surprise me.  I want you to arrange stuff, and not leave everything to me.  I don’t want to have to always be the one who makes everything happen.”


From time to time I’d say it, and he kept agreeing, but nothing changed.


Have you ever noticed how TV shows, sitcoms, movies and books often have a plotline based around people not being honest?  We watch (or read) inwardly screaming ‘Just TELL her!’ and they don’t – they get interrupted, or she walks away without hearing the full story.


Time passes – sometimes years – before the full truth comes to light.  The characters marry other people, or don’t know who their parents are, and a million other scenarios for missed opportunities of love and happiness – so much is wasted when we waste time avoiding the truth.


This doesn’t just happen on screen and on paper.  It happens every day, all around us, in our own lives.


Unlike in a film, where a lifetime is condensed into a couple of hours, we live every single minute.  No shortcuts, no skipping to the end.  We go through life experiencing fractional happiness because we’re scared of what will happen if we’re honest about what we want.


And the only thing that gets compromised is our happiness – and when we compromise our own happiness, it impacts everyone we come into contact with; especially our children.


We think we’re doing others a favour when we put them first.  Really we’re just using them as an excuse because we’re not brave enough to have an honest conversation about what we want.  That’s not fair to anyone.


Lately, ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman keeps coming on my imusic shuffle.  “Someone’s got to take care of him, so I quit school and that’s what I did.”  She doesn’t sound very happy about it.   We tend to romanticise sacrifice as being noble.  In reality, there’s a great risk of becoming a martyr – and that energy is one of the most unpleasant to be around.  It’s a vacuum that sucks all the love and joy straight out of a room.


We all know someone like this.  We all have the ability to be like this ourselves.  And we all have the choice not to go there.


I was approaching Pete with a martyr energy.  “I do everything.  Poor me.  Waaaaaah.”


Not very sexy.  I wouldn’t take it out for dinner either.


I also wasn’t telling him exactly how important this was to me.


He had no idea how much of an issue it was becoming in my head.


The truth is that I wasn’t communicating effectively because I was scared of what might happen if he actually took control.


I’m a Get Shit Done kind of a person.  I make decisions, I choose what I’m doing and when.  What if he actually planned something and I didn’t like it?  What if he arranged something and I didn’t want to go?  I’d given up control of my life before and it didn’t end well.


Deep-down, I had some serious trust issues going on.


And I couldn’t tell him that, because then it would be my fault, and, also, much worse, then I might have to give up control, whereas without admitting it, I could secretly keep the control and pretend the fault was his.


Wow, how exceedingly healthy.


So, a couple of weeks ago, I did some energy work around my trust issues.


What I didn’t do, however, was communicate any of this to Pete.


Conversation avoided.


I figured that doing the inner work would be enough, and that everything would magically rearrange itself on the outside.


Sometimes, that does happen.


Lots of times, I’ve seen the external change quickly in response to changes on the internal.


And sometimes, it’s easy to think that by doing the ‘inner work’, we can avoid doing the uncomfortable action part.


The truth is, when we stay silent about our needs and wants, and fail to invite others to help us find a better solution, we can’t complain when nothing changes.


We also miss the opportunity for our star player to run onto the field.


The Universe.


We’re surrounded by energy that has yet to take shape as matter, events, and experiences.


It’s pure potential.


It responds to the directions that we give it.


So when we stay silent, pretend we’re happy, sacrifice our dreams, and keep our truth a secret, we give a clear message to the Big U, and that message is:  “Do feck all.”


Conversely, when we express ourselves, admit we want positive change, make our dreams non-negotiable, and speak our truth, we give the field of potential clear instructions: ‘Help me.”


And it does.


Energy becomes matter in response to our clear instructions.


A whole new world of potential opens up.


Sometimes we get an immediate, positive response when we have a conversation we’ve been avoiding.


This generally happens when we’re not expecting it.




Because when we don’t expect a particular outcome, we’re detached.


When we go into a conversation with an expectation, we don’t allow the other person space ot show up as an individual, and it makes the energy of the conversation heavy – and negative.


We all know those people who instead of just saying what they want, or asking for what they need, plan instead: ‘If I say x, he’ll say y.”  “I want him to think this, so I’ll say that.”  “I might want x in the future, so I’ll say why now.”


And we come away from those interactions feeling ‘off’, or irritated, or manipulated, and we can’t explain why.


And yet sometimes we do the same thing ourselves.  Instead of just being upfront, we skirt around an issue, or drop hints, or wait for our lines to be read between.


Life gets so much easier when we stop pulling levers and pushing buttons and hoping someone will miraculously respond the way we want.


Instead, just say what we want, with no expectation on the other person to provide it.


Who’d a thunk it, hey?


Want x?


Say you want x!


Maybe it’s embarrassing.  Maybe you feel stupid.  Maybe a million and one things!


Nothing feels more stupid than thinking: ‘If only I’d _______.’  What a waste to see your current partner move on and give someone else exactly what you want.  What a shame to end a relationship because you weren’t having your needs met, when no-one really knew what your needs were.  What a huge regret to spend years being unhappy because you thought you were communicating one thing and your subconscious was making sure you definitely weren’t.


If only.


Give people the opportunity to surprise you.


Give people the chance to show up and support the real you.


And most of all, give yourself the chance to show up and support your true self.


Get honest with yourself first.


If you can, talk to someone who only has your best interests at heart and has no vested interest in the outcome of your situation, and is therefore able to be neutral.


Have an honest conversation about what you really want with your loved ones, without expectation.


Draw on your courage today – it’s always available to you.


Don’t wait for a crisis.  Don’t save it for a rainy day.


The most powerful conversations – with yourself, the Big U, and those you love, focuses on what you DO want.


If you want change in relationships, speak about what you want, focus on the light, not the dark.


Give people a chance to rise up and meet you where you want to be, rather than putting energy and attention on the flaws and cracks.


This is important.


So often we say: “I’m sick of this’  ‘I don’t like this.’  And expect something to change.  Nothing happens.


Yet when we say ‘I’d really like this.’ It’s a completely different conversation.


If you know what you’d like your partner to do – ask without expectation.


That way you are fair to everyone, and you give them the chance to show up or not.


Shine your light where you want to go, not where you wish you hadn’t been.


And be really careful what you wish for.


Just as fear and ego can block us from following our hearts, they can also confuse us with false desires, based on what’s expected of us, or what we think we ‘should’ do.


Get really clear about what your soul wants.




Ask it, and sit quietly enough that you can hear the response.


Your soul and The Universe working together make much better team captains than your brain and your ego.


You decide who runs the show.


When you say what you want and you ask for help, be willing to receive it – even if it’s not the help you want, or the way you would make it happen.


People suggest things because they want to support you.


It can be very hard for women who Get Shiz Done Fast And Alone to accept help and ideas from others.


In our Big Conversation on Saturday, I told Pete everything.  What I really want in our relationship, how I want to be treated, how hard I find it to receive and why, and the work I had done around trust, in order to allow him to take control.


I had no expectation of the outcome.  That was the scariest part.  I had hope, and yet I also knew that carrying on the way things were, was not an option for me.  If I was going to share the reins, we as a family needed him to pick them up them.


Thankfully, he was more than ready.  He had seen that I was upset on Friday.  He knew it was something I’d tried to express many times before.  He sensed that I was completely serious about wanting things to be different, and also that I knew I had to show up differently too.  We both took responsibility for what we had created, and decided together what we wanted to create next.


There were a few other things that contributed to the success of this conversation that I’ve learnt the hard way over the years:


Don’t have important conversations:


–     The second your partner walks through the door.  Just because you’ve been thinking about it all day, doesn’t mean they have.


  • When either of you have been drinking


  • When either of you are hungry


  • When there are other people around, even if they’re in the next room




  • Seize the moment when it comes (don’t wait for it to be perfect –remember those wasted lifetimes from the movies)


  • Be calm yet confident, even though you are nervous


  • Remember this is important to your soul


  • Detach from outcomes


  • Be clear that you mean it, and it’s not a bad day or your hormones talking


  • Have decided what you will no longer tolerate


  • Be absolutely clear that your happiness is non-negotiable


  • Take full responsibility for your part in creating the situation


  • Want the same for your partner


  • Remember that you are safe


This last one is essential.  There is no real danger.  (If there is real danger of physical harm, get out, and get help.)


There is always a way to work everything out.  When you think about making change, the ego will immediately tell you ALL the things that will go wrong, and paint the worst picture it can to stop you taking action.  The worst-case scenario is just that – a scenario, meaning: a description of possible actions or events in the future.


Years ago my fear of being a single mum and losing my home kept me stuck.  I wasted a long time imagining the worst that could happen.  When I found the courage to have the long-overdue conversation, I was detached from the outcome – good or bad.  I just knew I wanted to be on my own, with my girls.  If that meant being a single mum and living somewhere else, so be it.


Four weeks later I met Pete.   And something else happened:  the global financial market crashed.  The interest rate on my mortgage unexpectedly dropped from 4% to 1%.  The payments dropped to 25% of what they had been, and I could afford to keep my home.


I had no way of knowing those things would happen.


I only knew what my soul wanted, because I’d spent time on my own thinking, asking, and getting clear.


That didn’t mean I wasn’t scared.  It just meant that hiding from myself was no longer an option.  Courage was called off the bench and onto the field.


All of my fears about ‘what people would think if I got a divorce’ came from ego.  It’s something my ego loves to think about:


‘What will they think if I fail?’


‘What will they think if I succeed?’


In the end I realized that living in a little box called ‘Things I can do which will only be approved of’ was a surefire way to be miserable most of the time.


Our logical minds can only see:


‘If I do this, A will happen, and if I do this, B will happen.’


What we don’t see are all the other actions available to us if we widen our perspective, and that there is also a C, D, E, F, and a million other possible outcomes that open up when we just do what our soul wants to do.


Remembering this allows me to relax.  My only job is to get quiet enough to hear the call to action, get my energy sorted so that my subconscious doesn’t feck things up, and then get up and act.


So often what we think we want, is our ego’s fantasy of belonging somewhere that our soul doesn’t really belong.


We stay in relationships, friendships, jobs, and businesses that no longer fit us, because our ego paints pictures of what it could be like ‘if only’, to keep us stuck.  It’s only fear-ridden ego, which is terrified of change, that believes in ‘better the devil you know’.


Fantasies and fear keep us stuck.


By recognizing them for what they are, we can free ourselves.


When we do that, we open the door to our true potential, where all the love, happiness, and wealth we desire is waiting for us.


As one door closes, another one opens, and sometimes the most powerful decision we can make is to choose to close a door on something we know that we don’t want.


Often that means we have to find the courage to speak our truth, and have a conversation that we’ve been avoiding.


Every time we choose our true dreams, desires, and potential, we choose to allow things to get better, and just as quickly as life can seem to keep going ‘wrong’, we change our trajectory and things start to go ‘right’.


It was scary admitting to Pete how I was perpetuating the problem I was complaining about.


It meant that I’d be giving up control of a lot of things.


Or, what if I gave up all the control, and he didn’t step up, and then no-one would be making sure things were taken care of.


I also wondered if he might be angry or annoyed that I’d been blaming him for something that was just as much my fault.


I knew it was time to face up to it all.


I had to close the door on being the boss of my family, because that was the only way to open the door on the next level of our marriage, and to gain the relationship that deep-down, I really want.


I had no guarantee that door would open.


My husband is the most incredibly patient, understanding, big-hearted, and supportive man I have ever met.


He listened, and he spoke.


The more I took responsibility for the problem, so did he.


We both promised to show up differently for each other.


Promises are one thing.  Actions are another.


I was hopeful, and I also had no idea if anything would change.


All I could do was keep my own promise to let him take control.

We had a good week, things felt different, and the energy between us had shifted.


And then, last Friday, I heard the words I’d dreamt of hearing for years:


‘Would you like to go out for dinner tonight?  It’s all arranged.’


I smiled.


I accepted.


I cried.


I didn’t ask for details.


(And I silently thanked the Big U that I’d bought an extra dress when I went shopping the previous week.)


It was one of the best nights of my life.


Apparently it’s happening again soon.


I don’t know when.


And this reforming-control-freak is, surprisingly, loving that.


Don’t let your human mind accept less than your soul signed up for.


Awkward conversations, with people you love, done from the heart, can be just as powerful as those that flow easily.


Never under-estimate your own ability to be brave.


And don’t save your courage for a crisis.


Love from


Michelle xxx



The Next Frontier Of Our Evolution

It feels like a good day for a bold claim, so I’m putting this out there:
Energy work is the next frontier of our evolution as humans.
Yeah baby.
Because it makes everything easier.
A glimpse into the history books shows that not too long ago, much of the world’s population lived in fear of disease, sickness, and death.
Life, except for the chosen few, was extremely hard.
Every era has a revolution of sorts, a growth in awareness where the masses decide what is no longer acceptable.
Things that were previously taboo are spoken about, ideas are shared, and changes are made.
Life improves.
Often these improvements seem slow, frustrating, and painful.
Yet when we view it from a wider perspective, and compare the advances humans have made in the last 100 years compared to the preceding 1000, it’s clear that things are speeding up.
If you don’t believe me that life is better now than the ‘good old days’, have a read of some historical fiction or factual accounts of everyday life for the average person 90 years ago.
I mean, no running water or central heating. No toilet paper?! Scratchy sack clothes. Open sewers in the streets. And that’s just the everyday stuff, without even mentioning tiny children being sent out to work, domestic violence widely accepted as ‘normal’, and pretty much every other horror imaginable going mostly unchecked and unpunished.
So we are evolving, but what does that actually mean?
At my youngest daughter’s christening day, about nine years ago, I was deep in the throes of depression, and just beginning my personal quest to find out what the hell life is all about.
Sitting in the pub, (yeah, I’m British, we celebrate the birth of our kids with a bit of God, new outfits, and alcohol) with my parents and close friends, I asked them: “Do you think we’ve stopped evolving, now that we’re, you know, humans?”
And Will replied: “No. Now it’s more about the evolution of the mind.”
He was so right.
The little tinder box atop our necks holds the keys to so many of our advances.
In the Middle Ages, the medical community tackled the Church and basically said “We want control of the body. We want to research medicine and new ways of healing, and be the authority on it.”
The Church said: “Aright then lads, but you can’t have the mind – we’re keeping control of that in our domain.”
And there came a widening separation between body and mind, and it’s only in very recent history that the two have begun to become connected again.
Understanding the human body has led to great advances in medical science which have vastly improved the living conditions for many people.
Psychology, psycho-analysis, neuroscience, and other fields of learning and research have contributed to our understanding of what it means to be human, what it means to have a mind – and of course, how the function of our mind affects everything else in our lives.
From the classic placebo experiments, which demonstrate the ability of the mind to heal the body, to the use of visualisation and self-belief in sports performance, the human mind is now firmly established as something we need to know about if we’re to enjoy greater health, happiness, and success.
I see this development in our understanding of human potential as layers in our evolution.
The physical body can be seen, and therefore it’s a bit more obvious that we might learn something about how it operates by cutting it up and seeing how it works.
The mind, though it cannot be seen, is something we all experience. We recognise the presence of our thoughts, and our cognitive development, and it’s widely accepted that taking care of our mental condition, and mental health, is essential.
And the next layer?
A hidden layer, that cannot be seen, and, for the majority of us, is not something we naturally ‘experience’ a knowing of.
The energy system.
You see, just like your body has systems for organising and processing oxygen, food, and hormones, it has a system for organising and processing energy.
Energy, to put it simply, is the invisible stuff we’re all made from.
Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2, simply means that all matter (stuff that has a physical form, like a table, a pen, or a human) is energy moving at a certain speed.
Now that doesn’t happen by chance.
The energy doesn’t gather together by accident and create a living, breathing, functioning human.
It has a system.
Just like understanding the digestive system is a great advantage if you want better health, understanding the energy system is an enormous advantage if you want a better life.
Because it’s the system that governs everything.
Let me explain…
The system, in its main parts, comprises of an energy field, a set of chakras, and some meridians.
The field is like a bubble around you, and it has layers that each do a different job.
The energy that’s all around us (everywhere) flows through the layers, and into the chakras.
These are ‘wheels’ of energy that emanate from the front of the body.
The energy moves through these wheels, and into the meridians, which are energy lines that run up and down the body. (If you’ve ever had acupuncture, these are what the practitioner sticks the needles in to.)
Why is this important?
Because that system (field, chakras, and meridians) is the blueprint for EVERYTHING about you.
It’s the building plan for your body, your mind, your emotions, and your abilities.
If it’s not happening in the energy system, it’s not happening.
This is why, even though the human body replicates and replaces its cells frequently (you get an entirely new liver every few weeks, and completely new skin every 30 days) the same problems and ‘flaws’ appear in the new organ.
The body is built according to the plans, so if there’s an ‘error’ in the plans (a problem in the energy system) and it’s not corrected, the new building will look exactly like the old one.
It’s exactly the same with your mind – both conscious and subconscious.
This is why you can spend months focusing on changing your behaviour, or altering the way you think about something, and yet you still seem to default to old habits.
Everything you think, say and do is established in the energy system. Every thought pattern. Every belief. Every ability. It’s all ‘written’ in your energetic blueprint.
Now you might be thinking, fecking hell, this is a nightmare, I’m chained to my energy system and it’s clearly full of flaws, blocks, and problems.
Hold up!
Let’s spin that another way…
O to the M to the G. This is brilliant. The things I find hard, can become easy, if I just make some changes in my energy system.
Simply by acknowledging that there’s another layer of you, and understanding that this layer of you is running the show, you can stop arguing with the monkey and deal with the organ grinder instead.
You can stop battling your body, demonising your thoughts, or lamenting your struggles, and instead, go straight to the root of the issue, and sort it out!
Everything gets easier.
That’s the whole point.
That’s why understanding energy is so damn important.
It gives you an enormous advantage in this funny old game called life.
And that’s why working with energy is the next frontier of our evolution of humans.
Have you noticed that lots more people are talking about it?
Have you felt intrigued to find out more?
That’s evolution right there.
This phase is going to be exciting as hell.
Michelle xxx

On Purpose

I had everything that I thought I was meant to have.


Marriage, kids, house, business, car.


And I cried, every single day.


I felt ungrateful for crying, which made me feel guilty, and that made me cry more.


Nothing I bought, ate, watched or did could numb the immense pain that was welling up inside me, and the harder I fought to keep it together, the worse it got.


I went to the doctor, and was given anti-depressants.


Which I felt ashamed and guilty about, and I probably would have cried about that too, but the pills numbed all my feelings and all the tears dried up.


I could function, but only from inside an invisible bubble, where I didn’t really feel anything.


Like a robot, just going through the motions.


I began to ask, what the feck is this all about?


If I’ve ticked all the boxes for what’s expected of me, and I’m so miserable that I’m on emotional-painkillers, what is the fricking point?


Where am I going wrong?


As always, in the asking, answers started to appear, mostly in books that I felt drawn to.


The first book to change my life was The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho, which teaches that our happiness and dreams are vital.


Reading Coelho’s words opened up a whole realm of possibility to me; the idea that you must follow your own heart, and not martyr yourself in sacrifice to others.


Many times I had caught myself thinking; ‘We’ll stay married until the youngest leaves home.”


It was a revelation to me, this idea that I was allowed to focus on my own happiness right now, even though I was a mum.


I felt the truth of it, and I wanted to know more.


I began to read everything I could get my hands on that might help me to understand how I came to be here on this planet, what the point of it was, and how to get the best out of it.


Books on evolution, religion, spirituality, and science.


I didn’t want to concentrate on one side of the coin.  I wanted a complete picture, a solid foundation to rest my life on.


As I pieced together the puzzle, everything began to change.


I became fascinated with the concept of energy, how it defines our very existence as humans, is the stuff we are all made of, and affects everything we think, do and feel.


The more I learned, the faster the black clouds cleared.


A few months later, I felt I had a fair understanding of how life came to be, how it works, what we’re doing here, and I had found my answer to the question ‘What’s the fricking point of it all?”


I stopped taking anti-depressants.


And I found I had the strength and courage to end my marriage.


How had I changed, other than deciding to prioritise my own happiness?


I had found purpose.


My life had a greater meaning, because I had woken up to the fact that by deciding ‘this is it, boxes checked, I’ll just sit here and wait this out’ I was telling myself that there was nothing else for me, and that nothing could get better.


The first step to finding purpose, is to recognise that you need one.


If you sit still, like water, you stagnate.


Your life energy begins to seep away, until you find yourself crying every day, or manifesting some other mysterious symptom that just won’t go away.


When we do what we’re meant to be doing, and learn what we’re here to learn, everything improves.


Working with entrepreneurs and their money blocks, there’s one major thing I see people tripping up on when it comes to finding their purpose.


The pressure to find The One.


That one thing, that perfect assignment, that we will do until we die.


People search for it like it’s the Holy Grail, and become understandably frustrated when it doesn’t appear.


Here’s some good news.


Your purpose isn’t one Big Thing that is the same your whole life.


It changes.


On average we are born into this life with 42 purposes.


Now that’s an average, so of course there are people with one big clear purpose that they devote their life to.


We see them, and get caught in the trap of beating ourselves up because we haven’t hit on the one Mother Teresa-style mission that we want to dedicate our entire existence to.


Many of us do indeed have one big mission, but we also have a whole lot of other missions that are important too.


Mentoring one of my practitioners last week, I found that her current purpose is to transition from her current career.  We have a picture for how we want to create her lifestyle, and we even know what her Big Mission is.


So we might have assumed that moving from her current job is just one task arising in pursuit of the Big Mission / Purpose.  And that’s not the case.


This transition is so vital that it’s an assignment all of it’s own.


This is the beauty of purpose.


It changes over time, and some last a day, and some are missions that last a lifetime.


Before you make any other decisions, follow your intuition and looking for what feels good.


Because the truth is, when it comes to what you want, there is no right or wrong, the only guide is:


Do you genuinely feel an inner calling to do it?


That’s a sign that you’re on-purpose.


Note these words:

Genuinely – truly, if you’re absolutely honest with yourself.

Feel – does it feel right in your body if you sit with it and ask?

Inner – is the pull to act coming from within you or without?

Calling – is it spoken by a loving voice in your head, guiding you forward?


Why is this so important?


When we concentrate on our purpose, it feels fantastic.  Even the ‘hard’ work feels good.


Finding purpose changed everything for me.


Within a few months I stopped taking anti-depressants, found strength I hadn’t felt since I was about 19 years old, and four weeks after ending my marriage I met Pete, and he is a brilliant, loving dad to all three of our children.


All of that happened before I even had a clue that I’d end up teaching about energy.  I just genuinely felt an inner calling to learn about it.


That was over eight years ago, and it set me on the path that led directly to this moment, writing these words to you today.


Please, connect to your purpose, and remember…


Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly find that your purpose no longer feels good.  See how it feels when you think about letting go of it.


You have more than one purpose – you have lots.  You’re bound to have various different interests and things that you want to do – and that’s ok!  You categorically did not come here to this planet of possibilities to do the same thing day-in-day-out for the rest of your life, so forgive yourself for feeling resistance to repetition.


Don’t fall into the gratitude trap.  ‘I really wanted this and now I have it, and it doesn’t feel that great, I must be really ungrateful.’  Beating yourself up in this way is fruitless.  It’s possible that what you thought you wanted, is no longer aligned with your purpose.  Feel grateful for the path unfolding instead, and see what happens next.


Don’t panic if you don’t know what your current purpose is.  Do you feel good?  Are you loving life?  Honestly?  Then just keep doing more of what you’re doing and following your nose to what feels good.  If you’re not feeling so good, and there’s a nagging sensation that you could feel better, have a think about purpose.


What do you genuinely feel called to do?




Just go and do it.


Love from

Michelle xxx

What to do when you don’t know what to do

I had a clear intention at the start of the year.


If anyone asked me what I was up to, I said “I’m training practitioners in Energy Editing in March, and then after that I’m going to write my book before the next training in June.”


And that’s exactly what I did.


And it was all hunky-dory.  The first training was magic, and the book got written.  The June training was filling up rapidly.


And yet.


I felt restless. Worried about everything, satisfied by nothing.


Logically, feeling crappy didn’t make sense, which made me feel worse.


Muscle testing revealed: “Self-esteem is oscillating between my old level of value and my new level of value.” (Apparently my subconscious uses words like ‘oscillating’, it’s very Colin Firth.)


I did some energy work to sort it out, including some fears around being depended on by a large number of people, some stress around how much time I have available, and some cracking limiting beliefs, including: “If I were wealthy I’d be unable to handle the expectations of others.”


With that sorted, I was amazed a few days later that I still felt like a bag of pants.


Now what?


I was beginning to annoy myself.


Did you know you can tell a lot about your energy from the way that traffic behaves around you when you drive your car?


Bit weird if you’re new to this sort of thing, but true.


I won’t go into the physics of why this happens, that’s another blog post, but essentially, the energy around you is a reflection of your energy.


Usually when I’m driving, it’s happy days. Fairly clear roads, tunes on, a healthy mutual respect for my fellow road-users.


If it’s any other way, I know that something’s going on.


So when I drove a 20-mile round-trip, in our quiet countryside, and kept seeing police cars everywhere, it did briefly cross my mind that it was a warning of some sort. When people started stepping into the road in front of me without even looking to check the traffic, I got the memo.




Very clever Universe, if perhaps a little bit fecking dangerous.


I got home, straight to my desk, and started muscle testing.


‘What road and what is blocking it?’


Answer: The road to my big goal – buying a big house – is blocked because I don’t think it’s possible.  I don’t believe it’s possible because I don’t know what I’m going to do next in the business, at a level that will enable me to buy that dream house.


Firstly, as a lover of the Law of Attraction, I should know WAY better than to be thinking about ‘how’ something will happen. It’s not up to me,


However, in my own business and life, I’m a meddler. I fiddle about. I tinker and investigate, and constantly seek improvement.  Often that’s a good thing.

And then the penny dropped.


I don’t like not knowing what I’m going to do next.


It makes me uncomfortable, lethargic, and quite frankly, a bit miserable.




So the last few weeks have been an interesting little excursion for me and my funny little human self, to a place called “NOT KNOWING.”


At this point in writing this blog post, I stopped to go to a local pub for ginger beer and ice cream (can anyone say Enid Blyton) with the hubster, kids, and my parents, to celebrate my book, Wealthology, becoming a UK and US bestseller.


As we were leaving to come home, my Dad asked: “So what’s next?”


I replied: “I don’t know.”


His reaction said it all.


“You don’t know! You don’t know. You don’t know? Ooh. That’s different.”


“I know it’s weird isn’t it Dad? I’m actually just writing a blog about it, called ‘what to do when you don’t know what to do next.”


“Are you really? Well how about that. Not knowing.”


My mum nudged him: “Give her a chance, she’s just published a book. So much pressure!”


Dad raised his eyebrows: “I’m not pressuring her. She just always has a plan. We tend to always have a plan.”


“He’s right mum. He’s not pressuring me. He’s just a perfect demonstration of why I’m programmed the way I am. My brain is always on at me to have a plan, and move to the next thing, and this time I don’t know what I want to do.”


Dad sat quietly for a few minutes whilst we rounded up the kids.


Then, with typical, understated wisdom, he said: “It’s about not knowing. The next thing – it’s to not know, isn’t it?”


“Yes! That’s what I’ve been doing, figuring out how to ‘not know’ without it doing my head in completely.”


“Take more time off, go with the flow, see what happens?”


“Yes, and finding the balance between having intentions, and taking action, and knowing when to let go. Like people have asked me, ‘how are you celebrating the book launch?’ and I’m thinking, ‘Celebrating on launch day? I’m not celebrating, I’m thinking about finishing the day knowing that I did my absolute best to make the launch a success.’ Even today, coming here is a bit like something I just needed to tick off a list: Celebration – Check. I feel like I need to plan a full celebration when things settle down a bit.”

We both laughed. Enid Blyton and irony. Such a riot, old chum!
Here I am, back at my desk, and I want to share with you what I’ve learnt that makes not knowing much easier, if you’re also a Natural Born Planner.



  1. Accept that you don’t know what to do.


Resistance to not knowing creates as much stress as not knowing. Find some peace around the idea that you don’t currently have a plan. This might be obvious to you, but for me personally, if I don’t have a plan, my instinct is to say ‘Right lads, we’ll solve this lack-of-plan-problem by coming up with a plan right now.’


That’s how I’d spent the previous few days before I realised I’d got a (hopefully return) ticket to Notknowingsville. Brainstorming, pushing, forcing, researching, determined to decide what I wanted to do next. But nothing felt right, nothing aligned, nothing clicked.


In true Serenity prayer style, it was time to ‘accept the things that I cannot change’. Confession: I’d always thought that part was a lovely bit of wisdom, very useful for other people, and that I was totally brilliant at it. HA! I’d just never really hit upon something I couldn’t solve with a bit of planning and execution, in my business before.


It took me a fair amount of energy work to release my addiction to knowing what’s next, and I’m still peeling back layers on my love of hustle and grind. (Is that a dance move?)


Here are some fears and limiting beliefs to look out for, that might be messing with you, like they were with me:


Fear of failing

Fear of not trying hard enough

Fear of being accused of not working hard. (Because apparently it’s 1849.)

Fear of not doing my best for my family


If I don’t have a plan it will all go to shit. (Yep, that’s a limiting belief.)

When I’m not pushing I’m being lazy

If I don’t hustle I won’t succeed

I should know what I want to do


With the resistance and stress beginning to reduce, the inner battle cooled down and I stopped annoying myself. I still had no idea what to do next, so I tried all sorts of things. What, you didn’t think I was just going to just find peace and stop there did you?

  1. Separate your Big-Big Goal from your business

If you’ve established that you don’t know what to do next in your business, then what would you like to achieve in your personal life? How would you like to feel?


There is so much advice about goal setting, and personally I think it’s down to your own preference. I think it’s great to have a Big-Big goal, and I also think it can be very stressful to link it to a particular component of your business, and as entrepreneurs it’s natural to do that.


It looks like this:


I want to own a big house. I want to buy that big house now. It’s going to cost $1,000,000. I must make that money in my business.


And off I go, down the rabbit hole, pushing for ideas and stressing out because I can’t see where that money will be created, and what if my family think I hate them because I haven’t worked hard enough to buy a big family home.


Pressure, much?


How about this instead:


I want to own a big house. I have no idea how that’s going to happen. I’m excited to see how it does happen. In the business right now, I’m doing everything that feels aligned, to the best of my ability, and I’m excited to see what happens.


Feel the difference?


There’s so much relief in separating your Big-Big Goal from your immediate actions. Check in with yourself and see what extra pressure you’ve added to your business, and how it’s really affecting your mindset.


  1. Sit quietly.

If you don’t call it meditation, it’s less likely to trigger your inner Busy Monkey. Essentially, just sit the hell down, use ear plugs or white noise if you’re distracted by noise, close your eyes, and just stop.


Stop talking, stop moving, stop looking at stuff.


If you haven’t done this before you might feel like you want to axe someone’s head off for the first few minutes. Push through!


No time to sit quietly?


Bollocks, we’ve all got 15 minutes a couple of times a week.


It’s not a time issue, it’s a resistance-to-sitting-alone-with-no-distractions issue.


Why are we sitting quietly, you ask?


Well guess what, when we cease all activity, the Mind Monkeys go MENTAL, and then, just when you accept that they won’t shut up, they tire themselves out. The second that happens, you’re no longer being driven by that funny little human brain. The real ‘you’ gets to take over.


Yeah, you’re not a brain. You’re a spark of fricking light that broke off the sun and went through a billion evolutions, before deciding to give this life a go, and zipping yourself into the human suit you’re currently wearing.


And when you get really quiet, and take all the stimuli and distractions away from the human suit, the spark of light takes over.


Then guess what?


You’ve got a billion-year-old ray of wisdom in charge.


It’s basically like having Morgan Freeman making all the decisions.


Here’s an example of the difference between me and my Inner Morgan Freeman making decisions.


Me: “What to do, what to do? Must have a plan. I know, I’d like to make $1,000,000 and the way I think I can do that is to…”


(Confession: I muscle tested the energy of that particular idea, and it was ‘arrogant’. HA! I’ve never been insulted by the Universe before. It was followed up with this explanation: ‘It’s lacking my essence and what my heart wants to do next.’ Which was true.)


Morgan: “It’s lovely and peaceful in here. I feel lovely and calm. It’s great that $1,000,000 is on its way. What would be the very best thing that I could do? The most inspired, creative fun thing. I know, I’ll…”


Morgan’s advice is always a winner. Having been around a billion years, he knows stuff.


I jokingly call my Dad the Guru. Did you notice I mentioned that he sat quietly before speaking? He does that a lot. He’s one very chilled out, wise, funny dude, who gives brilliant advice, and can find a solution for anything. Him and Morgan? Best mates.

  1. Baby Steps


These are the small, easy actions that are right in front of you. Now, this doesn’t mean those evasive actions like cleaning the back of cupboards, or any of those things that we do, when we don’t want to do the things we need to do.


I think there are two main types of baby steps, and I’ll tell you the difference, using me as an example – knowing I want a house, whilst not knowing what I want to do next in my business…


  1. Steps towards the Big-Big goal – looking at houses online, viewing property, talking to the hubster about what we’d like.
  2. Steps that relate to current commitments – marketing the book, preparing for the training in June, rebranding my website.

And here’s the secret sauce.


The steps that relate to the Big-Big goal are done with joy and excitement, not taken too seriously, and are a gift to yourself.


The steps that relate to current commitments are done with joy and excitement, taken very seriously, and are about using your gifts to serve others to the very best of your ability.
If you apply these principles to your baby steps, you’ll be amazed at what unfolds, because they create two different types of energy that attracts success and opportunity.

You can walk a surprisingly enormous distance using teeny-tiny, wobbly baby steps, and that’s not all – baby steps always lead to your end goal, even when you can’t see the next ‘via’ point.


  1. Take a gestation vacation


Just stop needing to know what you don’t know, and give yourself a week or two of not thinking about it. Give yourself official permission to stop.


During this time, write down every idea you have. Every inspiration, business idea, day dream, aspiration, blog post idea, person to contact, place you’d like to go, thing you’d like to learn. Just write them down.


You’ll start to see how many more options are available to you than you realise, and all sorts of ideas will download.


This is one holiday that will be much more beneficial if you spend a lot of it hanging out with Morgan Freeman.  This blog post was one of his ideas, when we were sitting by the fire one evening a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Switch off social media

Seeing what everyone else is doing when you’re not doing anything can be really stressful.

Think of yourself as pregnant with an idea. You have to start nurturing your baby way before it’s born. Peace, calm, wholesome connection, good food, lots of water and lots more kindness. Not hours spent scrolling your phone screen like a rat hitting a button and hoping for a shot of social media dopamine.


Extending your energy into the vacuum of ‘what everyone else says they’re doing’ is not good for the idea-baby.

There are too many tiny jolts to the system in between the hits of dopamine. Take Facebook off your phone, limit the time you spend at your laptop, and believe me when I say that you really won’t miss out on anything that important. If the world breaks, someone will call you.


  1. Have fun connecting with other people


Arrange to see your funniest friends as soon as possible. Hang out with a toddler who just started forming sentences. Anything that makes you laugh. Spend time with people you love, put the focus on them, and enjoy yourself.


This is perhaps the easiest one to do… and also the hardest. I am notorious for spending too many hours at my desk, withdrawing when I’m busy, and not knowing when to stop working. I also know without doubt that connection and laughter have a very particular energy, which attracts only good things, and sparks the most unexpected, marvelous surprises.


Earlier this year, I spent a remarkable amount of time (for introvert me) connecting with people on Skype when I usually would have been working. I remember thinking at the time, ‘This is weird, I really like it, even though it doesn’t really seem to have a purpose, I guess it’s ok that I’m not really working’. And guess what? I can’t tell you how many brilliant conversations, ideas, friendships, and support have resulted from those calls.

  1. If too much choice is a problem


Feel like you don’t know what to do because there are so many options? If you’ve tried getting quiet, and you’ve checked in for resistance and cleared any fears that might be blocking you, and you still don’t want to move forward, then it might be that none of the choices you can currently see are the right ones.


Write down your options. Let’s call them A,B,C. Now do you love any of those options? If so, then fear is the only thing stopping you, and you really do know what to do. If not, then here’s the good news. There’s an option D. You just don’t know what it is yet.


And here’s what we know about option D:  It can be whatever you want it to be.


What’s your ideal option? What does it look like, feel like, sound like? Who is there with you? When you think about your ideal option, it’s likely that the mind monkeys start kicking in with reasons why it isn’t possible. That’s not the same as not knowing. Open your mind to there being a perfect solution that feels completely aligned, that you’re just not aware of yet.


And one final secret for you – Option D shows up a lot faster when you practice the first six steps I shared.


There you have it.


My guide to what to do when you don’t know what to do next.


Accept that you don’t know.

Separate your Big-Big goal from your business.

Sit quietly.

Take baby steps.

Take a Gestation Vacation.

Switch off social media.

Have fun.

Remember there’s always an option D.

These are the things I’ve been up to for the last few weeks, and although I still don’t know what I want to do next, I’m totally ok with that.  I’m showing up, and I trust that the Big U has a plan, even if I don’t.
What are you going to do right now?
Let me know!
Love from


The Energy Editor
PS – If you like my writing, you’ll probably like my book – it’s free right now on Amazon – find it here.




Money is not a four letter word

Meeting new people at an event, triggers one issue for me – how to answer the question ‘What do you do?’


I was massively fortunate at Archangel Academy 2016 to receive so much support from so many amazing entrepreneurs.


Some who talked it through with me, some who offered to help me figure it out, some who explained to other people what I do on my behalf, and some who were open to experiencing it for themselves.


I’ve wrestled with the word ‘healer’ for so long, I thought it was a fear of being associated with the stigma of that word, that was blocking me from being able to easily state what I do.


Recently though, I’ve found some peace around that, and still my ‘what I do’ statement felt misaligned.


48 hours after the event, I had a breakthrough.


It’s not my resistance to ‘healing’ that’s the issue. Somewhere along the way, I’ve begun to resist talking about money.


The irony?


That’s what I specialise in.


I help entrepreneurs to quickly heal their relationship with money so they can enjoy making lots of it.


And I’m really fecking good at it.


When I first started smashing people’s money blocks, I happily explained it that way and my life was really simple.


Somewhere along the way, I began to feel that wasn’t ‘enough’, that it was shallow, and that maybe it was making some of my friends uncomfortable – and I began to dress it up as other things.


I lost myself.


I started talking about how I do what I do, about the emotional triggers I clear, about what happens to your energy when we work, about how I help people be their authentic selves and get paid lots for it.


And I can do all of that as part of the money block work.


But what really excites me, my true gift, is figuring out the silent story that your subconscious tells you about money, and quickly editing it, so that you can enjoy wealth without limits.


Because when I found and erased my silent story, everything changed.


In March 2014, I was making $50 an hour as an energy therapist, and barely turning a profit, even though I was healing all sorts of mysterious conditions. Pregnant with my third baby, I decided to go on maternity leave and not return.


When baby Jackson was six weeks old, I read The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, and he described the ‘upper limit’ concept – that we have a subconscious reason why we limit our earning potential.


Fascinated, I energy-tested for my story. I found this: As a kid, the two sides of my family were very different. One side very wealthy and unwelcoming, and the other side not-so-wealthy and big-hearted.


Completely unaware, I was carrying the belief that if I made a lot of money, I’d no longer belong with the people I love – and I didn’t want to belong with the other tribe.


So I stayed stuck, self-sabotaging and holding back so that my income always plateaued at a safe and ‘justifiable’ level.


Having found the story, I did some energy work to edit it. Within 48 hours, everything changed. I was in demand from clients all over the world, I kept raising my prices and still they kept booking sessions.


When I couldn’t keep up with demand I launched a group programme, and made $45,267 in two weeks. My husband quit his stressful teaching job and we’ve both been at home full time ever since, with him taking care of Jackson.


My business has continued to grow and thrive, and it’s now $5000 to work with me instead of $50, and my last launch was $72k.


But somehow, somewhere, I’d started telling myself a new story about money, that it was shallow and making people feel awkward.


I began to hold back my passion for money.


Until Archangel Academy 2016.


Being in a room full of people playing their own game at the highest level, and supporting each other to stand in their fullest potential – I needed that so much more than I knew.


This morning when I was thinking about the new connections I made with amazing people who were really interested in what I do, I realised that they all wanted to talk about money, and where they might be blocking it.


And these conversations lit me up, and allowed me to share my superpower, and made me remember how much fun my work was when I was totally upfront about my real passion.


From the outside it might have looked like I was helping them, but really they were helping me. It makes me smile that it was the giving and not the asking, that showed me the way back to myself.


It also makes me smile that after an ‘AA meeting’ I’m once again ready to stand up and say: I’m Michelle Lowbridge, and I help entrepreneurs edit their money story, so they can make a shit-tonne of cash while they change the world.

I said to my husband last week, ‘I think I’m going to come home different, I thought I’d better warn you.’


And I returned to England a truer version of me, with a real sense of peace around who I am, and ready to enjoy my superpower in 2016.


And that’s going to mean I have to talk about money.


Here’s the truth – money is a tool which you can use to make your dreams come true.


It doesn’t matter if that dream is a family holiday in Thailand, a bigger home, philanthropy, investing in yourself or your future, adventures, experiences, or anything else you can think of.


Money is just a tool.


It’s a physical representation of energy, that you can trade for the things and experiences you desire.


It’s not dirty, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


It’s more than ok to desire whatever you desire – and it’s natural to want more – that’s how we evolve!


We’re humans. Our very nature is to keep evolving, to keep desiring new experiences.


Maybe you want less stuff, and more peace or time to be creative.


Great. If you were paid more money for working less hours, wouldn’t that make peace and creativity even easier?


It’s only when we think we can’t have more, or we think we shouldn’t want more, or we worry what other people think, that this aspect of our human nature becomes a problem.


We’re here to enjoy everything this planet has to offer, and we all have unique tastes and wishes, and that’s perfect.


Whatever you desire and wish for, I salute you.


Money is one of many tools that can enhance your life, and helping more of it flow to you easily is my superpower.


So if like me, you’ve been holding back from talking about your unique gift, or you feel you have to apologise for earning more or wanting more, or you constantly feel the need to justify the good things in your life, stick around –


2016 is for you.


More soon….


Love from



My $72,000 Secret

Well this is embarrassing.

But I have a confession.

And an invitation to a celebration.

Remember when I launched Prosperity Prescription 2.0 in the summer?

I talked about it a LOT.

For two weeks, non-stop.

And then since then, unless you’re in the programme, you probably haven’t heard anything about it.

There’s a reason for that.

The launch was so successful that I was embarrassed to talk about it.

Yep, the queen of smashing upper limits, smacked head first into her own and has been subconsciously crippled by it ever since.

It was all going pretty well.

I was working hard, putting in long hours and pushing the launch boulder up the mountain.

The sales were coming in fairly steadily but slow enough to keep me pushing.

I was determined (my ego was determined) to ‘beat’ last year’s total of $45,267.

I was coming up against all sorts of inner ‘stuff’ during the launch and clearing it and moving forward, and clearing it again.

I did a lot of ‘growing’. It was uncomfortable but that in itself was kind of comforting.

Because I was trying hard.

A mantra from my childhood – “Well done, you tried really hard then, whatever happens, no-one can say you didn’t try hard.”

So if I was trying hard, then the outcome was fine whatever happened –

Try hard and fail, well at least I tried hard.

Try hard and succeed, well then I deserved it.

The night before the early-bird price ended, I was getting near the $40k mark.

That felt good. I was going to be close enough to last year not to feel like a failure.

My husband wasn’t going to be looking for another teaching job.

So I relaxed.

I celebrated with my family.

And the sales started flooding in.

Over the next 48 hours the total rose to $72,000.

On one hand I was ecstatic, thrilled, joyful.

And on the other hand I didn’t know how to handle it.

I hadn’t worked hard for that final $32,000.

Therefore did I really deserve it?

I had smacked into the upper limit of what I felt I was worth and deserving of.

And so I kept quiet about it.

I mentioned it once, hidden in a blog post where I also outed myself for not saving any money and spending ‘too much’ – to play down my achievements and make it ‘ok’ that I’d made this money.

I didn’t realise how much the shame of it was affecting me until yesterday.

I was wondering why people weren’t still joining Prosperity Prescription, so I started muscle-testing for some answers.

I found two things.

One – that people didn’t know it was still open because I have hardly mentioned it since.

Two – that I hadn’t been truly grateful for the financial gifts I’d received. Essentially I’d told the Universe ‘no more’ by failing to make a public declaration of thanks.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to make a public declaration of thanks for the great things they receive (although the world be awesome if they did.)

But in my role as an expert in changing your energy so that you can make more money whilst really enjoying yourself, it’s really important for me to talk about these things.

I have a responsibility to my ‘online family’ and my clients, and anyone who is inspired to change their relationship to money, to be totally open about these things – I have to practise what I preach.

But for the last few months my subconscious has been playing a subliminal recording that I just didn’t pick up on. It was whispering…

You didn’t earn this. You don’t deserve it. You better not fricking tell anyone or people will HATE you, and your friends will desert you. You didn’t work hard enough for it and so you better not enjoy it. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Up on the surface things are ok, I’ve had tricky days and great days and everything in between.

But always a sense that something wasn’t quite right.

And truly, on some level, knowing that it was tied to that $72,000 and trying really hard to ignore it, because what the hell sort of idiot is going to admit making that sort of money for not a huge amount of effort?

Well, this idiot is.

Because the truth is this – feeling shitty about not deserving it meant that I didn’t speak sincerely about it. And being insincere about things always makes me feel shitty. And feeling shitty meant that I couldn’t be sincere.

See the cycle? A washing machine stuck on a spin cycle of shame.

After doing some work around this over the last couple of days, I now know this:

I’m more attached to my own values of sincerity, honesty, and integrity than I am to anything else.

So here it is.

A public declaration that I made a lot of money.

A public apology to the people that joined the programme that we didn’t celebrate the launch. An apology to those that love me, that I didn’t feel deserving enough of the money – or your love – to celebrate with you.

And a public invitation to you to do two things –

One, is to celebrate with me, because I would really appreciate it.

Two, is to think about this –

If you’re feeling a bit ‘off’ or out of alignment, ask yourself –

What is the last thing that you received that was fantastic?

On some level, did you feel you didn’t deserve it?

And if so, why?

And when you’ve taken a few minutes to figure that out, send me a message or a comment or an email, and tell me – so that I can celebrate with you, and tell you that you, 100%, deserved it.

I truly love to celebrate other people’s success and joy and gifts, and I’d be honoured to celebrate with you, and in doing so we invite the Universe to send us more of the same – and better.

To a 2016 of celebration, rising higher and acting in alignment…

Sending so much love

The Energy Editor

Are You Lonely Tonight?



One of the most destructive forces in our world.


Experiences involving loneliness account for an average of 7% of the damage to the energy system.


Loneliness is not an emotion.


It’s a state of being.


You might feel lonely but the experience of being lonely is far more stressful to your body, mind and energy.


I’m not talking about being alone.


Just simply being on your own can be done in a million different ways, many of them enjoyable.


Alone does not automatically equate to lonely.


We’ve all felt the sense of separation in a group of people, where even surrounded by others we feel lonely, disconnected and not included.


Even this isn’t true loneliness because there is always hope of connection.


You can only experience the darkest depths of loneliness when you’re alone.


It is a combination of isolation, disconnection and helplessness – feeling that you are in a void, have no-one to talk to, and in particular a genuine belief that no-one really wants to talk to you.


Add in to this a trauma that you actually need to talk about, and the stress in your system escalates further.


Most of us have experienced loneliness at one or more times.


It makes us question our worth, doubt our likeability, damages our confidence and makes us feel like a failure.


The ripple effect into our lives is huge – and feeling unworthy, unlikeable, unconfident and like a failure does little for our ability to connect with others.


It can be a very destructive cycle – we experience loneliness, so we begin to put up walls and defences to protect ourselves from loneliness, which makes us even harder to connect to and, of course, we’re then even more likely to be lonely.


We all have different beliefs about loneliness.


My experience of being lonely when I changed jobs was mixed in with – and compounded by – embarrassment.


I felt ashamed that I was lonely.


God forbid anyone would know I didn’t have anything to do at a weekend – my life should be full of fun and action and laughter and photos worthy of a magazine.


I felt like a failure, it was a weakness I didn’t want to admit.


So what did I do?


Read a lot. Smoked a lot. Watched a lot of TV.


None of those things are great for your social life.


Luckily I had to go to work, so I made new friends and reconnected with my old friends too.


The pain of that time lingered with me though, a whisper of a taunting ghost – an almost-silent reminder of the time when one boy at school was able to turn my entire group of friends against me overnight.


When I think about that now, I think my way of dealing with it – brave face, spending every lunch time studying so I could ace my exams and get the fuck out of there – actually compounded whatever he had told them and made it last far longer than if I had just shown vulnerability, told my friends that I was devastated and opened up a conversation about it.


For many, many years I was terrified of doing or saying the wrong thing that would cause the same thing to happen again, finding it hard to completely trust and relax into friendships and wondering when they would end.


When we subconsciously attribute our loneliness to a particular way we behaved or thing we said, then we start to modify our behaviour and become less of our true selves.


And what do you think this does to our chances to authentic connection with others?


The truth is that the authentic you IS someone other people want to connect to.


Believe me.


Maybe that wasn’t the case when you were a kid, surrounded by other kids terrified of being their authentic selves.


But you’re an adult now.


Other adults want to connect to the real you.


Loneliness is part of the human experience.


It allows us to truly appreciate the joy of connection and friendship.


These contrasts allow us to learn and grow.


Can you spot the lonely person in the group and feel their pain?


Are you the one that catches their eye or gives them a hug?


Do you feel the magic of gratitude when you are surrounded by friends?


Like most of us, you can probably recall some incidences where you experienced loneliness.


I know it’s painful to think about it.


Even after twenty two years I can still cry if I think about those lonely lunchtimes hard enough.


But I’m lucky.


I’ve been able to do a lot of healing work around that old pain, so these days I am one hundred times more capable of authentic connection than I have ever been.


That’s why I’m dedicating this entire month to helping people with their past pain, trauma and experiences related to loneliness.


I can’t promise this work will be easy.


You might have to dig deep for a few minutes every week and connect to some old pain so that I can release it for you.


But it will be worth it.


It will change you.


When we drop the old baggage, shed the heavy coat of protection, we travel lighter and we shine brighter.


It’s an undeniable fact.


Please let me help you in October.


My group is a supportive and genuinely loving space, held by me, especially for people like you.


It’s time to say goodbye to loneliness – and hello to the authentic, beautiful, real you.


You’ll find us here, the group is called Prosperity Prescription 2.0.


Come and join the family, we’re waiting for you.


Love from


Michelle xxx

PS – Click here to find out more about Prosperity Prescription 2.0, I can’t wait to meet you.

My First Six-Figure Year

Since my first big launch last summer I’ve made a six-figure income.


Now, let’s be clear:


That’s gross revenue, in dollars.


But regardless of the technicalities, I made a shite-load of money.


Way more than ever before.


So isn’t it interesting –


And kind of embarrassing –


And perhaps a little bit terrifying –


That I also have:


Less savings than this time last year.


A credit card debt for the first time in ten years.


No pension.


No investments.


And no clue as to the net, post-tax revenue of the business in British pounds.


I spent the last year enjoying my money-magnetising abilities.


I’ve had $5000 VIP clients.


I had a second, $25,000 launch in April.


I’ve been paid tidy sums for an hour’s work on someone else’s programme.


And of course, I’ve helped a lot of people make more money.


When you’ve never been well paid before, that’s your focus.


When I erased the blocks that were holding me back from accumulating wealth…


There was no holding me back.


Money flowed in.


I can make money flow in, no doubt about it.


And unlike in previous years, money coming in hasn’t been followed by unexpected bills.


Things haven’t broken down.


Things haven’t gone wrong.


Things have been fantastic.


I said earlier in the year:


“True wealth is all the money you want – and more – with the freedom to choose how to spend it.”


And spend it I have.


I like travel.


To me it spells freedom, adventure and experience.


So we had a last-minute family holiday to Lanzarote.


An epic three week trip-of-a-lifetime to California.


I’ve been to Key West in Florida and Tulum in Mexico.


Our big goal for this year was to move house.


Working from home is great.


When your office is next to the kitchen and the sitting room and you have three kids?


It can be a bit hard to get everything done that you want to do.


So in July we moved to a massive house with a big, quiet office space.


There’s no mistake, this year I’ve done what I set out to do.


Make money.


Love my work.


Enjoy freedom and fun with my family.


So what’s the problem?


I don’t think this is the full picture of wealth.


I thought it was.


And now I can see that there are edges to this picture that aren’t fully in view yet.


Edges like pensions, investments and returns.


Sounds fecking boring doesn’t it?




Because what interests me isn’t so much what pension to get.


(And whether a pension is even a good idea in the current financial climate blah blah.)




The interesting question is this –


What is it that really makes you wealthy?


Because I truly believe that fun, freedom and giving are signs of a wealthy life.


But if all of my money just flows out again (even in directions I choose) am I really wealthy?


Maybe true wealth means having an income that keeps flowing even if you don’t switch on your laptop?


An income that flows until you die is probably going to involve investing in some way.


Switching off when it comes to the conversation about investing?


That’s a money block.


One that I think is prevalent in women.


I know I had it.


I’ve spent the last week working on it.


Because I just had another launch.


$72,000 in two weeks.


And at the same time as celebrating with my family.


I couldn’t fight off the feeling that I need to do things differently.


That if I get to this time last year and have no assets to show for my year in business?


I’m going to kick myself.


I realised that I was intimidated by accountancy.


Daunted by investing.


Confused by everything I didn’t know.


And it literally made me shut down, switch off, numb out.


I realised that I’d erased my money blocks around making money and being able to enjoy it.


Hence having a fricking brilliant year and lots of fun.


But what to actually DO with it once I’d got it?


(Other than enjoy it.)




Big style.


So I started asking myself a lot of questions.


And for me, this is always where the fun starts.


How do we balance feeling good in the present with planning for the future?


How much of my $72,000 launch success was due to spending a lot of cash in America this summer?


I’ll explain.


On that trip, I was determined we wouldn’t worry about money.


That we’d do whatever we wanted, experience whatever we wanted.


That we’d give away hundreds of dollars in tips and gifts to homeless people.


And we did.


It meant I spent a lot.


But how much was it energetically responsible for attracting back to me?


In terms of the Laws of the Universe, how much do I need to live in the present?


How much should I prepare for the future?


And when it comes to these money blocks around investing.


What are women afraid of?


And do you know the magic of asking these questions?


I can go straight to Infinite Intelligence for the answers.


So, here’s the thing.


The same energy I tune into to find out what your money blocks are –


I can tune in to the collective energy of any individual or group and ask anything.


I can test what were the factors that contributed to my success.


And I can find out what percentage each factor was responsible for.


I can test for women as a group.


Or female online entrepreneurs as a group.


So things are about to get really interesting around here.


And I want to know –


If you could ask Infinite Intelligence, the soul that connects us, anything about money and wealth –


What would you ask?


NOT a personal question like “What is my money block around x, y, z?”


But –


What are the things that block women from investing in property?


(I already found that out for someone months ago and I’ll post about it when I’ve dug the notes up!)


Or maybe –


What attracts more money to me, spending or saving?


I’m talking the fundamental things that affect all of us in relation to wealth.


What would you ask?




Email me right now with your questions about money and wealth.


My mission for this year is to find answers.


To keep broadening my view of the Wealth Picture.


And to keep sharing what I learn.


The world is changing.


Like me, are you self-employed or running your own small business?


Or do you want to be?


Or are you employed?


We’re all in the same position (with few exceptions).


If we take six months off (and I mean really off) we don’t get paid.


In the online space there’s a lot of focus on ‘working from anywhere’.


But that still means working.


We might not have to show up to an office, but we’re also not totally free.


And I think that’s where the truth about Wealth and Freedom lies –


It’s not just about freedom to travel or work in our pyjamas all day.


It’s the freedom to stop working and see the money keep flowing in.


I don’t have all the answers.


But I do know this –


I’m determined to find them.


I’ll keep you posted.


Love always



PS – I’m deadly serious – email me now and ask me your burning questions about wealth, money and money blocks!

Kinesiology… Kinesio-What Now?! My Journey Into The World of Energy

I remember when I was first told about kinesiology.


My first daughter was eight months old and she was a really fussy eater.


And as a new mum, I was petrified she would starve (or wake up in the night) so I only fed her what she liked.


Which was mostly yoghurt.


A friend told me to go and see a kinesiologist.


I nodded, smiled and completely ignored her.


By the time Ellie was 14 months old she would eat yoghurt and toast with marmite.


That was it.


No vegetables. Nothing green.


When my friend suggested kinesiology again, I thought I might as well try it.


The practitioner – a Health Kinesiologist – did some muscle testing (more about that later) and said:


“She has four allergies.  Bakers yeast, brewers yeast, sugar and lactose.”


“Oh,” I said –


“That’s weird, because she only eats toast, marmite (made from brewer’s yeast), and sugary yoghurts.”


To which the practitioner replied calmly, as if she wasn’t about to change my life forever:


“Yes, the body usually craves that which it is allergic to…. Would you like me to correct these allergies now?”


“Um, say what now?”


“Shall I rebalance the energy so that these substances are no longer a problem?”


If my eyebrows could have risen any higher they’d have left my face.


“I thought you’d just tell me what the allergies are and we’d have to avoid them.”


In her mind she was clearly thinking “Bollocks to that.”


But very professionally, she said:


“Oh no, we’ll get this sorted right away.”


And she did.


We left that day and for six weeks Ellie wouldn’t eat toast.


Or marmite.


Or yoghurt.


She began eating all sorts of other things.


Most amazing of all, her favourite food became fresh, raw vegetables.


Even now, at 11 years old, she calls a salad ‘my normal dinner’.


Needless to say, I was overjoyed.


But that wasn’t the only magic that happened in that session.


Along with the allergy corrections, the practitioner also found and corrected some energy blocks.


These were emotional things like fears and things that troubled her little mind.


She even stopped her night-terrors.


Health Kinesiology gives you phrases to think, which create stress in the body.


By releasing the stress whilst it’s being triggered, you completely release the block.


Which means you’re no longer triggered.


And you don’t get stressed or overwhelmed by the things that were previously stressing or overwhelming you.


The phrases I was given to think on Ellie’s behalf were so perfect in describing her little personality.


I was fascinated.


I booked myself in for the following week.


The work was so accurate, it so pointedly zoomed in on my root fears and resolved the things that I struggled with, that it blew my mind.


For example, she honed in on my extreme problems with trust, a hangover from a previous relationship.


Since then, I’ve found and married the hubster.


And I know for sure that I wouldn’t have lasted the long-distance-beginning of our relationship if I hadn’t been able to trust him at all.


I kept going back for more sessions.


The changes I – and my family – experienced were so profound


I finally decided: “I have to learn how to do this.”


In 2009 I started studying in earnest.


The training for Health Kinesiology is intense.


Hundreds of hours studying, reading and practicing with volunteers.


It has to be.


It’s a huge responsibility to work with someone’s energy.


I am making changes in your energy system.


Your energy system is the blueprint for your body, mind and emotions.


It’s like your motherboard.


Would you take your laptop to McDonalds to be repaired?




I take this work very seriously.


After completing the five levels required to gain certification, in February of 2011 I began working professionally.


I saw a large range of clients with a variety of issues in my practice, from sleep problems to emotional traumas.


Together we achieved fantastic results.


One of the Health Kinesiology laws is:


The Impossible Just Takes A Little Bit Longer. 


I loved the feeling of a client leaving the treatment room after 60 minutes and their entire life had been turned around for the better.


While I was establishing my practice, I aced my extra studies in nutrition, anatomy and physiology, counseling skills, practice-management and Touch for Health.


(I know, Braggy Braggerson, but I take this shiz seriously!)


With these extra certification, at the end of 2013 I reached Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner (KFRP) status with the Kinesiology Federation, UK.


This is the highest level awarded unless you become a teacher.


I am very aware that I have a great deal of responsibility to work accurately, ethically and reliably.


My clients count on me to facilitate shifts in their energy that completely change the way they experience life.


When you work with me, you are – literally – in safe hands.


I have practiced and practiced my skills on hundreds of clients over the years, and now it’s like the energy I’m working on becomes an extension of me.


I use a combination of intuition and a specialized muscle-testing system which gives your body an infinite number of options to communicate to me what it needs, but allows me to work very fast.


I’ve developed many techniques and methods of my own.


Coupled with my extra-curricular interest in the quantum field and the laws of the Universe, the energy work I do has become completely unique.


This means that I can achieve accelerated results, which you might not find in traditional kinesiology.


And enables me to work with big groups.


All over the world.


With energy corrections that activate when the members start thinking.


As one of my clients put it:


“You’re really playing at the very edge of what we know about the quantum field.”


I’d never really thought about it before.


But hearing it made this lady-geek very happy.


It’s true that no-one else does what I do, in the way that I do it.


So what is it that I do?


There are two key elements:


  1. Kinesiology – finding out what the blocks are and how to erase them (which is what I’m going to explain now)


  1. Energy Correcting – erasing the blocks (which I’ll talk about next time)


Let’s start with the basics…


Kinesiology means ‘the science of movement in the body.’


What I’m doing is monitoring a stress response – or movement – in one very sensitive muscle.


By monitoring how that muscle responds to various stressors and triggers I can quickly determine what your blocks are and how to release them.


The kinesiology part is all about determining the What and the How:


In my treatment room, in-person:


– I rest your elbow on the table with your arm at a 45 degree angle.


– I check that the arm is in the ‘test position’.


– If the body is in stress, when I apply light pressure to your wrist then your arm will physically move downward.


– If the body is not in stress then your arm will stay strong – the muscle is locked.


– After I run a system of checks and balances to ensure that your body is giving me accurate answers I begin to muscle test.


– This means that I ask a series of verbal questions.


– I direct these questions to your body.


– If your body wants to tell me ‘No’ then the muscle switches off and the arm goes down.


– If your body wants to tell me ‘Yes’ then the muscle stays locked on and it will not go down.


– Then I proceed by asking your body Yes or No questions. I have a very refined, efficient system by which I very quickly find out what your body wants to tell me.


Your body knows exactly where the problems are.


Your body remembers the tiny incidents and experiences from your life that put its energy out of alignment.


Your body recalls in detail the things you have forgotten that are the root causes of your current struggles.


Your body also knows exactly what it needs to solve the problem.


And your body will tell me how to erase the blocks by using a muscle to respond to my questions.


So how does this work when you’re not in the room with me?


Maybe you’re even on the other side of the world?


Here’s the magic…


In the quantum field (the space between us) everything is connected.


So, first, I connect to you using an energetic intention.


Imagine it like this – in the space between us there are a million dots.


When I create an energetic intention, I light up a pathway of dots.


If my intention is to connect with you, then I light up a pathway of dots between you and I.


When we are connected in this way, I substitute my muscle for your muscle.


This is called surrogate testing.


I generally use the quadriceps in my thigh because it gives me the most accurate response.


(And leg ache, after I’ve been working too long.)


When I’ve connected to you, I direct my questions to your body via this connection, and I apply pressure to my own muscle as if it were yours.


My muscle responds on your behalf and I work exactly as I would in a one-on-one in-person session – asking questions and monitoring the response.


This is how I can accurately pinpoint your blocks and triggers.


When I work with a group, I connect to the collective energy of the members and apply the same principle.


It’s an enormous amount of fun, solving the puzzles of people’s problems.


Geek Confession: In my head, I’m the energetic Sherlock Holmes.


Once I’ve identified what the blocks are and how to release them, we move onto the second part – Correcting the Energy – and I’ll share more about that next time.


I hope that this has been useful.


I know the word kinesiology is a bit of a ‘kinesi-what’.


And I know that I was really cynical about anything alternative until I saw the results for myself.


I’m just a regular person, going about my life.


And I have an intense interest in what goes on behind the scenes of our lives, in the energetic realm.


It doesn’t mean I talk to fairies, wear tie-dye or eat crystals.


But it does mean I have a real advantage in life because I can change the very stuff that we are made of.


I can edit it, erase it, shift it.


I can find the things that trigger you and make them not trigger you any more.


I can strengthen you to your weaknesses and heighten your abilities.


I can take an issue that cripples you and erase it so well that you can’t even recall it.


So funnily enough, I absolutely love my work.


But rest assured, I take it very seriously.


I might put kisses at the end of my messages, but that’s just because I’m an absolutely softy.


I like running my own business because if I want to confuse the hell out of my accountant with an auto-responder that greets you with “Hello lovely” – well, that’s up to me.


In my energy work, I know exactly what I’m doing.


If you’re in my family, you get taken care of.


And that’s what Prosperity Prescription is all about.


My online family.


We’re about to embark on another year-long journey.


The first year has been an enormous success.


230 members.


Phenomenal success stories.


Transformations, celebrations and a lot of happy tears.


Prosperity Prescription 2.0 is taking it to the next level.


This year it’s all about helping you to radiate brilliance.


It’s about erasing your blocks, dropping old baggage and de-activating your triggers.


My mission is to help everyone in the group reach their highest potential.


I’m thrilled, humbled and grateful that I get to lead this family on a new adventure.


I would be honoured if you would join us.


Check out all the information here.


And come and experience the transformation for yourself.


It’s unique, ground-breaking and extraordinary – and you’re invited.


See you on the other side…


With much love,


Michelle xxx

PS – Just imagine what happens when you apply this work to how you feel about yourself and your work… just click here for the details on Prosperity Prescription 2.0.