As a Health Kinesiologist, I worked in private practice, helping people with all sorts of things, from physical issues like eczema and asthma, to emotional ones, such as anxiety, grief, and depression. 


The psychological causes of my client’s problems were fascinating to me; how incredible that a tiny, long-forgotten, seemingly unimportant incident at the age of five could impact a grown adult, forty years later. 


Furthermore, my previously-cynical mind was blown away by the fact that every human being is built on an energetic blueprint. 


By understanding and editing the blueprint, we could bring about profound changes in the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the client.   


In 2013 I visited the US for the first time, and demonstrated my work to a small, but highly enthusiastic audience. 


They asked if I would be able to work with them when I returned to England.  “You know, on Skype or something.” 


I didn’t even know what Skype was. 


But I’d been given a challenge, and I accepted it. 


Returning to my office at home, I created a new system of working with energy. 


I used it with my clients, and got great results. 


And, perhaps more excitingly, I used it remotely, to help clients who were thousands of miles away – and still got great results! 


Despite being highly qualified and doing profound work, I constantly discounted my prices. 


Providing what should have been a £70 session for anything from £20-£40 just wasn’t sustainable.

In 2014, pregnant with my third child, I closed down my practice. 


After Jackson was born, I was prompted to look at my relationship with money. 


Why did I get unexpected bills every time I’d managed to save some? 


Why did I experience problems with my health and relationships when things were improving financially?   


Using energy work, I quickly identified the reasons I was sabotaging my own success.     


I was carrying around a story picked up during childhood: 


Rich people are miserable and tight-fisted, and ‘normal’ people are loving and generous. 


To keep me ‘safe’, my subconscious created circumstances and stories to ensure I would stay ‘normal’. 


‘Safe’ meant driving round a ten-year old car, getting ill when we went somewhere luxurious on holiday, and manifesting bills every time I accumulated some extra cash. 


48 hours after I cleared these money blocks from my energy system, I felt completely different. 


Suddenly my Energy Editing skills were in demand, and I came out of ‘retirement’. 


I started helping entrepreneurs with their money blocks and they got amazing results. 


The word-of-mouth machine revved up and I couldn’t keep up with the demand. 


In 2014 I launched a group programme, Prosperity Prescription, and made $45,267 in two weeks. 


I asked my husband, Pete, to quit his stressful job as a teacher and help take care of the kids so I could ride the momentum of the business. 


Thankfully, he said yes. 

Since then I’ve been able to help thousands of people to better understand their relationship with money. 


I’ve taught Energy Editing to entrepreneurs, trained 30 practitioners to use the system to smash blocks for their own clients, and written two bestselling books: Wealthology and The Agile CEO. 


These days I’m a Wealth Coach and Cornerwoman for successful people whose money blocks are making it a struggle to enjoy the wealth they’ve created. 


Energy Editing®  is the tool I turn to for a rapid re-programming of the limiting stories that are blocking success, wealth and happiness. 


For myself and many others around the world, it’s a fast simple, solution to smashing money blocks.    


So if you’ve found yourself here, welcome! 


I recommend you: 


Take the Wealthology Quiz. 


Read the report for your profile. 


Drop in your email address for the limiting belief report – we have so many ways of supporting you. 

Thanks for being here.   


Whatever happens when you click away, please know this: 


Your relationship with money does matter. 


It affects everything – your health, your relationships, your ability to sleep at night.  What you’re capable of achieving, and the level of success you actually allow yourself to experience. 


Whether or not you use the Wealthology and Energy Editing®  systems, please make it a part of your life’s mission to find out what your subconscious believes about money. 


If the stories hidden in your psyche don’t support your true dreams and desires, then do something about it. 


You’re in a great place to start. 


Click the button below to take the quiz. 


Lots of love 



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